-Orangina returns! A brand repositioning
campaign - Grey London’s first work for
the iconic soft drink -brings its French heritage
and quirky nature to the fore-

Orangina, the drink from your sunshine-filled holiday memories, is making a return to UK shores. Grey London has unveiled its first work for the brand since winning the business last year: a quirky brand repositioning campaign that aims to raise the cult brand’s presence and bring the drink into the premium adult market.

The campaign will also see the launch of a new strap line for the brand, ‘C’est shook’, a celebration of the ritual and iconic shake of the bottle before drinking and the broader philosophy it inspires.

The philosophy that ‘life is flat unless you shake it’ is aimed at those who rejoice in the slightly less ordinary; the ones who want to add a little extra pizzazz to their daily lives. This premise commands the brand’s behaviour from media planning through to creative.

The new line of work launches on Wednesday evening with Orangina’s very own rooftop Pentaque club, ‘Boulers’, in partnership with Institute of Competitive Socialising and Frank PR. The event will run until 2nd September and will see a number of influential vloggers and members of the public take on the iconic French pastime.

As well as this unique club, Orangina has created a media-first in creating a suite of Digital OOH that will play out on ‘agile inventory’; buying unsold or available at the last minute high-profile spaces, freshening up over-run campaigns with dynamic creative.

This is supported with static OOH heroing the new rejuvenated packaging and bringing the brand’s philosophy through to its tone of voice with executions including ‘Skewiff. It tastes better that way’ and ‘My nose tells me it tastes sparkly’.

Breaking online and in cinemas, the film will hero the new attitude and new brand language. It opens on a row of pastel coloured beach huts by the seaside, which quickly leads to a boy running down a hotel corridor, racing past guests to reach the lift to press the button first. To the dapper guests, their pet pooch and the boy’s own surprise, the lift doors open to an eye-popping, hula-hooping, sprightly French girl. Her name is Sandrine. She shakes the newly designed Orangina bottle to the rhythm of her hula-hoop and an upbeat, flirty French pop number, ‘J’adore ce flic’. The nonchalant French VO signs off with the new tagline ‘C’est shook.’

The quirky piece was directed by American director and photographer Autumn de Wilde — renowned for her surreal short film series ‘The Postman Dreams’ for Prada and her iconic album covers of artists such as Elliot Smith and The White Stripes — through Somesuch & Co. It was created by Stevie Rowing-Parker and Emily Churches and creatively directed by Darren Wright at Grey London.

“We want to shake up the soft drinks category. After conducting research into our consumers it came to our attention that people have great memories of the Orangina brand. With our new campaign we want to reach ‘Open Socials’ — 22 to 30 year olds who are willing to pay for quality and who are looking for new experiences. ‘Life is flat unless you shake it’ will take the shake ritual from a physical action to a more emotional territory.”
Jamie Nascimento, Marketing Manager, Brand Integration at LRS
“Orangina is such a wonderful brand. It not only evokes the memories of summer holidays filled with freedom, sunshine and stolen kisses it also has what very few brands have, a ritual. And it’s the ritual of the shake that’s at the heart of our campaign. Both the literal shaking of the bottle and the more philosophical living life a little bit more shaken. All delivered with a cheeky French accent that pays homage to the brands heritage.”
Darren Wright, Creative Director, Grey London

Grey London was appointed the lead creative agency for Orangina in October 2014. The agency handles all creative and through the line activation and social content, as well as supporting distribution and sales in key retail channels. The agency also works with parent company Lucozade Ribena Suntory, on brands including Lucozade Sport and Lucozade Energy.


Client: Jamie Nascimento,
Marketing Manager, Orangina

Creative Director: Darren Wright

Copywriter: Stevie Rowing-Parker

Art Director: Emily Churches

Brand: Orangina

Project name: C’est Shook

Account team: Eleni Sarla, Agi Varanyi, Albert Ponnelle, Isaac Hickinbottom, Sophia Thomas

Agency producer: Harriette Larder

Agency Assistant Producer: Joe Arojojoye

Content Strategy: Alex Wrigley

Creative producer: Gemma Hose (OOH) / Serena Hodgson (DOOH)

Planner: Matt Tanter / Natasha Sales

Media agency: Mediacom

Media planner: David Munt / Sarah Borland

Production company: Somesuch & Co / Anonymous Content

Director: Autumn de Wilde

Producer: Chris Massey

DoP: Jaime Feliu Torres

Editor: Darren Baldwin (Final Cut)

Designer: Stuart Leung

Post-production: Moving Picture Company (MPC)

Soundtrack composer: Alexis Kacimi

Track Title: J’adore ce Flic

Track Artist: The Rebels of Tijuana

Audio post-production: Wave