Media Analysis Reflection

The most important unit we had was the unit when we looked st bias in media and fake news. We are all going in to the real world next year and it is important that we can see through fake news, bias , and get to the real truths within news articles.

I think that it is important that other schools adopt this class because as media becomes more and more included in everyday life we need to be smart consumers of media .

I assumed that this would have a been a bit of a blow off class where I could just be present and do nothing. But really it was run like a college course and I really had to do my work because if you just show up and don’t engage and do your work (especially blogs) you will fail.

I most enjoyed the ad unit just because the competition between ad agencies, and presenting our original ad campaigns was fun.

I wish we had covered different things within music media and how people sometimes are portrayed or have to be portrayed in the media in order to sell more music.