Most fast food burger joints are the same thing at their core. Some type of sandwich or nugget with fries. Although all these fast food restaurants are virtually the same, Mcdonald’s is running away one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. This is due to their excellent branding and advertising techniques. One technique that they use is appeal to the customers feeling as if Mcdonalds is somehow different from the rest of the ads, although all these Restaurants are virtually the same, McDonald’s strategically makes it seem as if their product is different from the rest.

This ad is a depiction of the process of how the McDonald’s fries are made. It goes from potato to fries to eaten. They make it seem as easy if they are the only ones making their fries out of real potatoes when in actuality they probably have just about the same process of cooking their fries as all other Restaurants aside from probably the amount of salt they use. What this Schiltz like technique does is it makes the consumer feel as if they are getting a better product or better deal by going to Mcdonalds even tho the food is virtually the same in taste, price, and overall food quality. The next device that they used was their pictures imagery stimulus, need to satisfy. The view of fries so big and golden puts that in your mind, and when you get the appetite for it, in the back of your mind you will remember the picture and subconsciously remember that they come from “real” potatoes.

Overall this is an effective ad. They stimulate you with the picture with the image of fries. That is what first draws you in, but after that they show why you should not, and can not get fries anywhere else. Their three phase imagery insinuates they are the only ones using real fresh potatoes and in turn are really the only legitimate option.

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