FABY — Italian nail couture for men

Grey Sergeant
May 10, 2016 · 3 min read

FABY reinvents the style and, with an ironic touch, sets new standards in the male tradition, creating a nail lacquer line entirely dedicated to men, with shiny or matte finish.

FABY Man is a unique collection designed with the modern, fashion conscious man in mind and includes 6 bold shades. Hues like “Panic on Wall Street”, a gold so true even Midas couldn’t touch it and “This is my FABY!!”, a rich, full grey with strong attitude, are for the demanding man who knows exactly what he wants.

From “My best idea!”, a must-have deep purple that is perfect for every occasion and “The importance of being Earnest”, a sophisticated brown, to “Globetrotter”, a fashion-forward dark green and “For sure, yes!”, a timeless deep blue, the FABY Man collection embodies a classic style and has shades for every man. But then again, let’s be honest, any man that wears nail lacquer is truly on the cutting-edge of fashion and writing his own rules.

To view the full range of FABY nail treatments for both men and women please visit www.fabyboutique.co.uk

For more information, samples and imagery please contact michael.oconnor@greysergeant.com

Editors notes

About FABY

The traditional Italian ethos of ‘family first’ inspired the brand, which was created by the Viale family and named after mother and head fashionista of the family, Fabiana. The FABY brand combines tradition and innovation with over 30 years’ experience in the beauty business into one ‘fabylous’ brand.

FABY captures the essence of Italian style with its brilliant line of professional nail care products. With over 175 to date, each of FABY’s luxurious, richly-pigmented nail lacquers is the answer to every nail-lovers dreams!

But FABY offers more than just a pretty manicure; wearing FABY is a true colour experience. With shades that are inspired by themes like Italian culture, literature, cinema and fairytales, FABY nail lacquers are an expression of personal style that encourage you to make a statement and live “La Bella Vita” (“The Beautiful Life”)

FABY’s chip resistant, long lasting professional formulas are based on the latest research and technology and made of the finest ingredients that are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and other harsh, unnecessary additives.

FABY products are cruelty free, vegan and not tested on animals. With the perfect balance of rich pigment and speedy drying times, FABY truly may be the elusive unicorn of nail beauty.

About Palms Extra

Palms Extra are a UK distributor of high-end nail products to leading retailers, salons and spa’s throughout the UK. It was important to the FABY family that they partnered with a UK distributor with the same way of thinking, and chose the family-run Peterborough based company as its exclusive UK distributor,

Established in 2006, Palms Extra has continued to expand and develop its product portfolio to ensure that they provide an excellent range of high quality products.

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