Bring Joy and Colour to your wedding with FABY Nail Couture!

FABY Nail Couture, the internationally-renowned Italian nail brand has launched in the UK with the ‘JOY’ collection, a range of lacquers that will bring happiness and sophistication to every brides wedding day.

“JOY starts from the very essence of life, from the small things that fill our days, from happy feelings connected to colours. The same tonalities from which the deepest emotional meanings arise, finding expression in the rituals embedded in each of our actions.”

Designed in Milan, the JOY nail lacquer collection is about making a statement on the happiest day of a brides life. There are 12 vibrant colours in the range that portray friendship, happiness, love and serenity — colours that will work in harmony with the bride, bridesmaids and friends on the big day.

  • Young Emotion — Lime Yellow; a symbol of light and glory, it evokes the need to go beyond our boundaries.
  • The Perfume of the Soul — Sparkling Green; it symbolises hope, joy, optimism and trust
  • Life is Beautiful — Turquoise; the colour of friendship.
  • Joy City — Sky Blue; “forget-me-not”, symbolises eternal love.
  • Let’s Dance — Cornflower Blue; symbolises happiness, lightness and sincere friendship.
  • A Night on 101 — Sparkling Sapphire Blue; communicates intuition and serene joy.
  • Hug me FABY — Intense Cyclamen; considered as an amulet colour, it confers personal prestige.
  • Imagine — Tropical Orchid; a symbol of beauty and sensuality.
  • Tapis de Fleur — Intense Pink; who loves this colour expresses gratitude towards life.
  • Friends 4Ever — Pomegranate; symbolising optimism and bringing good luck.
  • Shopping in Camden Town — Coral Rose; tones of strength and magic, extraordinarily contradictory in nature.
  • #Irony — Peach Flowers; a symbol of the capacity to give and receive with love and joy.

FABY are inspired by a passion for colour and fashion.This internationally renowned nail brand offers a range of high quality nail care products which mix both tradition and innovation. Taking Italy’s fashion-forward thinking to a new level, every shade is inspired by fashion trends and will add an element of sophisticated luxury to your attire!

As well as the JOY collection, FABY’s range of incredible colours and finishes are perfect for any occasion;

  • Classics; ’Italian Couture on your nails”. Choose from over 80 lacquer shades to suite your style.
  • Nature collection is inspired from the natural world around us. The lacquers are made of 87% natural ingredients. derived from wood pulp, cotton, maize, cassava and other raw vegetable materials.
  • Illusion, draws us in like a conjurer to a world of illusions, with a range of colours that play the starring role in using actions and colours to conjure up and create magical effects full of skill and mastery. The four natural dimensions are subverted and nuances take on new shapes.
  • Future; Decisive, mysterious, elusive, the protagonist of the Future FABY collection is the woman from the future. A step ahead of the others as someone with true vision, the woman of the Future seduces with a magnetic beauty created from lurex and neoprene. She is streamlined and attracts with minimal elegance of details with a strong character, clothes with defined lines and technical fabrics. And just for her FABY Future.
  • Man; FABY reinvents style and pushes the boundaries of modern fashion and individualism, creating a lacquer range for him.

The full FABY range of lacquers, gels and nail care can be found at FABY can also be found at leading spa’s, salons and leading retailers. FABY is distributed in the UK by Palms Extra, an award-winning company that specialises in nail products for both retail and trade.

The “JOY’ collection starts at £11.75 for lacquers, top coats and base coats

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