Why ‘Selly Telly’ should be part of your marketing strategy.

I’ve always said that ‘Selly Telly’ is a missed opportunity for brands. The big channels like QVC, Shopping Nation and Hochanda broadcast live on Freeview from 6am through to midnight, seven days a week. With most households in the UK having Freeview this gives you access to over 24 million homes!

The presenters are really sales people. They sell the sizzle of your product in a cosy studio environment — demonstrating to the viewer the key benefits. The sales pitch is based on the ‘Why Buy’ principle which really gets to the core of the product — Why buy at this price, why do I need this product etc.

Shopping TV also has two key advantages in the sales funnel — it is a real cost effective way of launching a new product to market — it’s direct, you get instant feedback and it can shift stock. The second advantage is that a year down the line when you are bringing out a new version of the product, this TV platform is a great way of getting rid of the existing stock — driving the grey market with knocked-down price.

The Craft Channel — one of the leading craft TV channels

Brands can even buy dedicated airtime. It costs around £10k for a one hour slot which includes all production and marketing costs in producing the show. With a strong call to action always visible on the screen, its very successful in sales and lead generation.

If you are a brand looking for a new route to market I’d seriously consider the power of Selly Telly — but hurry, nearly 60% of the stock has gone!!!

About the author

Michael O’Connor is a partner at Grey Sergeant and specialises in marketing communications and PR in the consumer and B2B sectors. Grey Sergeant provides strategic advice and planning and promotes businesses through integrated marketing, PR, media relations, social media, digital marketing and events. For more information please contact michael.oconnor@greysergeant.com