Place as a Genre
In Paul Heilker’s essay On Genres as Ways of Being, he brings up a very different way to look at the common genre. Most people when thinking of the topic think of papers and essays written about specific things. But Heilkers talks about how the genre can change a parson temporarily putting themselves into the genre and becoming something that they normally are not. Heilker describes his own experience with this when he was called upon to write and speak his graduating classes commencement speech. This was a new genre to him. He described himself as a “putz” going into it but he was “called up and out of himself, up and out of the ways he was then in the world, and emerged into the world in a new way (21).” He himself wasn’t prepared or expecting him to be called upon to have to make this speech as he did everything in his power throughout high school to not be noticed. He had to change who he was and become something maybe he wasn’t to fit into the genre. This is similar to my place. Harrington field is mostly for athletes trying to practice and better themselves in their respective sports. This means that if someone not of this mold came to the field they may have to act differently to be able to fit in. this even goes for people on the sports teams. I know kids that outside of Harrington do no act like athletes, eating what they want and dressing/acting in ways that you would generally think from an athlete. But once they step on the field they must act different and conform to the people and place around them which may not be who they truly are. 
• The Bleachers at Harrington are geared towards having large crowds at the games to support the teams. People must be comfortable with large crowds when coming on game nights.
• There are any flood lights which allow for people to come and partake in sports at any time of the day or night. This opens the field up to people of any schedule
• The locker rooms are large and nice but only soccer players are allowed access. This means that the students have to feel disconnected or maybe not as good to not have access.
• There is a large fence going around the perimeter of the field that can easily be seen through. This means that students don’t actually have to pay to go in and the school must have known this when constructing the field. In a way the viewers can cheat the system.
• There are holes in the field for rugby goals. This allows other sports to play their trade here as well.
• There are also lacrosse lines on the field which allows for their sport. Encompassing many different people.
• There is a large parking lot adjacent to the field which allows for many people to be able to park and watch the games