What’s Missing in the Health Care Debate
Rick Fischer

ACA is only half the problem. The major issue was the expansion of medicaid that has given the welfare crowd better medical care at no cost than the middle class, whose medical care has been degraded by the ACA by increasing their insurance costs, forcing higher deductibles, shorter times with their doctor if you haven’t noticed, all the while having to pay for the additional taxes required to subsidize the medicaid crowd. The worst part is that many of the governors who participated in this are hell bent on continuing this expansion at our expense.

Its been a DOUBLE WAMMY, with the insult of the medicaid recipients getting a Cadillac Plan.

Perhaps a medicare plan where a base level protection is provided would be something to consider, but do it on an individual basis, so those with lots of family have to take responsibility for them[it alway grated on me that small families paid the same insurance as large families, read subsidies]. And the government charges you a base rate. If you are indigent the government subsidizes your base level care and no more. If you want something more as some do in medicare you can buy it and pay for it.