SF Ali

Actually, if you wold examine Hillary’s bigotry it is far worse than anything Trump has been accused of. She is a disciple of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the early 20th century progressives(self declared), who believe that inferior minorities need to be “limited” in their ability to grow and multiply in our society…which is why they are such ardent supporters of such organizations and people as Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood who prey on minority mothers to have abortions by placing their facilities In minority neighborhoods! Look at how she treats Black voters…panders for votes, but never does a thing for them once elected! Do you think this will change for anyone, but the Wall Street elites and foreign governments where the big money comes from? ,

Just let Judge Garland and his ilk rule against the 2nd Amendment, violent crime will increase as it has as has in similar stuations, and then the 1st & 4th will also will fall to the government bureaucrats.