Democrats Choosing Sanders to Lead are Leaving Too Much of their Base Behind
Sasha Stone

Ah the pseudo intellectual millennial who didn’t do their homework on who they choose to write about. I suggest you start with HRC’s fascination with Saul Alinsky, and his tactics which she uses oh so well, but what many like you fail to realize is that you as a supporter with not much knowledge of her background will fall victim to her absence of loyalty, and you will be made to look foolish. Ask all the people who she left behind in organizations she was a part of and mismanaged, or those whose lives she literally helped destroy and made miserable. Anyone who gets filthy rich while in public service does not deserve our respect since the money came at our expense.

I would suggest before joining a parade that you investigate it’s destination, the way it’s going to get there, who is likely to be left behind, and who will benefit the most, besides HRC.

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