The Resistance of ‘We the People’ Must Persist! It Will Amplify & Never Retreat.
Jack Watkins

ALL THIS comes from the movement that has so captivated the American Public’s IMAGINATION that over the last 8 years they have VOTED OUT over 1000 state legislators, 12 governors, and numerous House members to give you the hint we do not like your ideas and policies and ADMINISTRATIVE FORM OF GOVERNMENT usurping our liberty and money. And in finality the folks of America Took the Senate and Presidency from you after biding our time while putting up with the soft and not so soft tyranny of the Obama Administration. As Obama said in mocking tone after being elected the first time, “There are consequences with loosing an election” as he proceeded to be one of the least Conciliatory Presidents. Now America expects you to behave in a similar manner and behave like adults, with the consequences….It’s not T-BALL, you don’t get a trophy for striking out and loosing all those elected seats nationwide with you misguided ideology and policies. And by the way, will I like everything that this Administration does, HELL NO, but it sure beats the last 8 years and watching Hillary enrich her family and sell off America piece by piece to the high bidder and while selling out the middle class to illegals and foreign labor.

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