Wait … are you saying I should believe you over the Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact?
Susan Michaels

  • And the NYTimes has also won Pulitzers, and has become a left wing Rag that is on its way out business due to its biased reporting and managerial bigotry. It is now more known for its progressive hit jobs on non-progressive politicians; it certainly is not known for its investigative reporting an “Pulitzer” reporting. One prize does nor reflect on the other reporters and articles, especially when they leave out pertinent fact an 8th grader can Google. I do my own research before I believe; and frankly Mr. Gowdy is not on my list of stars, I play hardball when people are jerks, I would have called as witnesses every person present at the Embassy and everyone in the chain of command up to the POTUS to explain why the Congress could not talk to them. Gowdy is a political wimp for not doing so! He is just another politician who really did not want to find out what happened. To bad you are in the same camp; my bet is it was a CIA operation going on that no one wants to the body politic to know about.
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