Renewables are no longer ‘alternative.’ Fossil fuels are ‘legacy.’
David Bank

Any attempt at taxation by governments to drive us to ward a goal smacks of picking winners and losers which means who ever has the best lobbyist wins, which means the best solution will be lost. Wind, certainly viable for a very few locations, sun somewhat more if you can get solar cell efficiency and battery effectiveness improved by a lot.

The real problem remains for electricity is that the government in it’s infinite wisdom has seen fit to ignore the need to harden our grid since Reagan left office which as we go more and more toward electricity becomes more and more of a vulnerability! This should be the role of government not subsidies and picking the winners and losers but protecting the infrastructure and helping maintain it which our politicians consistently ignore, reference the current dam fiasco in Cali and the condition of our roads where they have stolen the current gas taxes to do God knows what with that money. Still electricity is a secondary energy source produced from another energy source, which we seem to also ignore…there is a rule of what I call the ZERO or 100%, so if we go 100% with electric cars we will need to double the number of power plants in the US, please explain how that happens in the next 35 years?

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