Apple Is Allowing App Store Review Replies — Here’s The What, Why And How
Stuart Hall

Apple makes you grovel at a storecforcsometng they should have told you about one of their devices on a two pgechandout in the box. I also got my IPhone screwed up by an update and live an hour plus parking time and wait time to have the smug little pricks make me feel inferiorcwhen it’s their software that caused me the problem to begin with. They are becoming like GM in their approach to customers, you are there to be exploited as one more groupie, period. I have many of their products, but it has become apparent the premium is not worth the performance and the intrusiveness.

But back to the stores where you are required to go for many types of service which is simply a marketing ploy to get you into their stow and view the over prices offerings…I guess I am not the trendy type as I come to you via LG and the ever intrusive Google. But they waste a lot less of my time.

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