So your GOP style answer is to cut pensions for those civil servants who worked all their lives for…
David Sirias

As usual you framed the argument backwards; the politicians, as lobbied by the public unions for higher wages, granted themselves(the government, the ability to not fully fund the employee pensions(at a very low rate, and do not mention that actuaries said it’s OK, THEY ARE PAID WHORES) so they had money to raise wages and benefits, as well as other things…its called, hide the salami, since they will be out of office when the bill comes due. Meanwhile the employees and their unions smuggly sit by an say, not our problem when any fool with a Wal-Mart calculater could figure out the system would crash.

Let me ask this, worst case scenario,everyone and every business moves out of town; who pays the unfunded liability, it’s called bankruptcy, and the employees then really loose big time which is very possible since cities can’t pent most and in most cases the states have no obligation to bale them out. Pay me now or get paid almost nothing later.

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