The Age’s Subtle Smears
EBA Truth

  • As with any large organization or bureaucracy, it will always preserve itself at the cost of it’s members. This is how governments, corprations, and unions operate…when someone is drummed out of an organization for that subtle statement of not being a “team player” it usually means they would not keep their mouth shut about some piece of unethical, immoral, or illegal actions the organization is supporting against other stakeholders…in other words, they will not go along to get along! How can there be facts when when there are clauses in Union contracts that make it illegal to make statements against your union which will also allow your union to literally “take your personal assets for doing so.” Unions in particular should never be allowed to administer healthcare insurance, pension funds and education funds, since they have a horrible record as fiduciaries, and governments rarely do much about it unless the fraud or mismanagement is very blatant. After all, unions are the most diligent and generous of the lobbyists & political contributors known to politicians everywhere.
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