Sam Altman: Trump is right about the problem, but horribly wrong about the solution
Silvia Li Sam

As with the cast of characters from National Review who are supposedly conservatives and were going to save the Republican Party, Your article should have been added to their’s, except you at least gave him credit for problem identification which they did not, but none of you provide a workable alternative solution, which is certainly not Hillary whose only solution is to spend money so she can get a piece of it as it flys by.

I also think you misconstrue his so called ‘isolationalism’, it’s not hatred of outsiders, it’s actually criticizing the current administration’s out of control effort’s to flood the American market with new Democratic/Socialistic type voters, and some terrorists to let the Feds exercise more control over the public, which Progressives have always wanted. That has got to stop before the culture and mentlity of the US becomes that of a Third world nation.

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