Millennials: Someone You Love May Be Alive Because of Hillary Clinton
Aaron Loeb

Ask the folks that run the children’s relief fund that Hillary always touts, she worked for them for a whole 9 months and we have never heard the end of it! Then during the Clinton administration, funding for children’s projects were slashed out of political expediency and those same people she claims love here wrote Op Eds railing against her duplicity…the only time you get anything from Hillary is when she gets more. Ante up in the game of life, grow a pair, and think for yourself…analyze and stop using faulty unvetted reports from the media. Hillary abides by one Bible verse only..,God helps those who help themselves…and that she does that everyday at the public taxpayer trough. Ask yourself this, has she ever left an organization better off by being part of it? If you can name one that does not have her name on it or is not attached to her financially, I have every reason to believe I could refute it,since she has such poor management skills.

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