Let’s see —
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Bill NEVER RETURNED CHINESE MONEY during his election campaign!!!! HRC only did after it was found out the bundler was foreign and that took some serious teeth pulling.

So Russia is trying to meddle, does this surprise anyone, Obama dragged the Prime minister of GB here to meddle in our election process, and he used US funds, and sent our people to meddle in the Israeli election with slush fund US government money, and I did not see any outrage. Thus far there is no connection to Trump. So why is everyone so up in arms. Half of Congress has had dealings with Russia….over the years so have I, and I am a business guy from middle America who used to help sell wood pulp and lumber, and finance the sale of it.

At this point why would anyone believe a thing Comey says after interviewing a person,HRC, in a criminal investigation, the prime suspect, NOT UNDER OATH, AND WITH NO TRANSCRIPT. That is negligence, incompetence, or OBSTRUCTION. Anything Comey did after that is of no consequence from a legal or law enforcement stand point, he lost any credibility;he took the law into his own hands, WHY?