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Congratulations to all to all the Universities and companies out there who are clamoring for highly specialized individuals who are well versed in a technology, but not well rounded enough to know how it fits into our society, because they are ignorant of such basic human developed traits such as ethics, responsibility, basic human decency, courtesy, privacy, et al. In fact many of these highly regarded prodigies are so devoid of these basic concepts, they are actually dangerous to society when they are out there working possibly doing “good work” with unintended consequences. When you have the immature weenies at Facebook taking your data and patterns of data use and selling it to god knows who as Microsoft before them, and the phone companies turning over metadata to the government without a whimper, something is desperately wrong with the thought and education paradigm in our nation.

In a conceptual way we are moving toward what Thucydides warned us against;

“The Nation that makes a distinction between it’s scholars and it’s Warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”

Perhaps this idea that we need not be well rounded has already gotten us here, when we push our children to extremes in a few courses, to do well on a few tests that are meaningless in the grand scheme of life. You have made them neurotic for life, so my daughter the psychologist can muse to herself, what the hell were these parents thinking when they took the vise grips to this child’s psyche?

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