gxorlando, you are the one getting misinformation.
Sapere Aude

Did it ever occur to you why Obama NEVER let the ACA become fully implemented…as in how many people would be likely to loose their health care and/or would be unlikely to afford it…or how many employers would opt out due to the costs or would make their employees part time or less time then they already are? Many employers prepped for the day, but never went full blown…I for one lost a third of my hours at a major university in anticipation of the ACA as a part timer. Read before you comment, the ACA was nothing more then a tax and a redistribution of wealth from the Middle class to the relatively poor[including the illegals], the rich were not affected, the middle class got screwed. You need a lesson in econ and need to read before you comment, besides the Senate has not gotten involved yet so it’s a moot point to even argue.