They don’t do business, Jason.
Amy Sterling Casil

Do not fall for the cost equation, there are over 200 medications and many procedures you cannot get in Canada because the government deems them too expensive. And remember Canada is smaller than California. The Government negotiates with big Pharma as an add on market to the US, so gets very low prices since the overhead of R & D has already been written off on the US market. So basically Canada is riding our coat tails and we are subsidizing them! No one will admit this little slight of hand, but welcome to the economics of medicine as you cross borders and deal with socialized medicine. Also, you may not get the same level of treatment if you are 65 Vs 35 for the same condition or serious injury[like a serious auto crash]. No one will admit it, but it’s true. This is why people in the US get selected medicines from Canada. And many people, especially the older crowd, come to the US for selected treatments. And as you have inadvertently observed, their’s is a much more homogeneous society at least in their life style choices.

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