You are exhibiting no shred of statistical competence in this discussion, my friend.
barb dybwad

Do some research on the FBI studies, I am sure you will find what I am talking about, this was all done under Holder and not publicized since it did not fit the narrative of of the gun haters in the administration and the DOJ and the media. Remember, the information in our society is being manipulated by the press for its own ends and the facts are taking a beating, and most folks are not educated enough to realize that. All I know is that simple observation many times contradicts what So called statistical evidence is telling us, which probably means someone skewed the numbers. I know this, calling 911 in a violent criminal emergency is futile since response times are slow and the incidents are over rather fast, so your alternative is defending yourself, and letting the police do what they do best, clean up the mess. I would rather the mess not be me thanks to a progressive mind set that would rather see me defenseless than able to defend myself, criminals do not obey rules; ask the victims in Paris and Belgium about their no gun policy for civilians and how the guns got there.