We need single payer health care, something Obama promised and never intended to implement.
Christina Jonsson

Everywhere it has been tried on a massive scale in a diverse society, there is rationing. Even where it supposedly works like Canada they royally mucked it up and had to get assistance from the private sector to straiten it out, and they have significant waits despite what you are being told; in addition the system is skewed toward the young regardless of how healthy you maybe[a young person with of questionable health and longevity will get preference over an older person in perfect health if they come into a hospital at the same time] that is why you see so many Canadian Seniors in the US for treatment, this is what Obama has advocated in papers he has written! Single payer works OK in smaller homogeneous populations where it can be controlled well, NOT WITH 350 MILLION PEOPLE and a government that administrates poorly, check out the VA.