So in other words your objections to improving Americans’ lives amount to:
The Loris Mindset

Except for the fact that you skirted almost every issue I raised and the ones you responded to your facts are wrong:

Let us start with the fact that the Swedes have some thing to say about their immigration policies. Right now they have massive amounts of Middle Easterners in their country and do not like it one damn bit, and have zero to say about it, Swedes despite your love affair with their country are basically bigots who scorn diversity, ask the Black businessmen fron the US who travel there and have been treated badly, which you purposely did not respond to and the press never talks about. It’s not that we in the US are “genetically incapable of living under a better system”, your words not mine, being diverse we have more cultures to satisfy and the Scans basically have one, making it dramatically easier to solve issues. We have tried to give people handouts on a mass scale since the LBJ years and poverty levels have not changed…when something is free it is not valued and is squandered, most of us learned that in Econ 101, Yet the Dems have been doing it for 50 plus years, but I get it, it buys votes.

You also reneged on your postwar regulation comment:

Or if you’d prefer, just explain why the American economy was so much stronger back in the postwar years — you know, when we had tons more regulations and the top marginal tax rate was as much as 90%.

“Tons more regulations” care to explain that? You seem to know nothing of economics, and even less of what you wrote…were you a speech writer for Clinton and Obama?

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