To My Moderate Republican Friends
Arturo Tha Cuban

Factless diatribes like this appear to be veiled appeals for Republicans to do what…go over to the Dems who will tax us all to death to support their Entitlement programs and welfare for illegals. No where has Trump been a racist in any way; as one perso described it, he is post racist. Like it or not he is following the law or the intent of the law. You may not like his rhetoric or his upfront way of doing things, but it sure beats being lied to with smooth and fancy rhetoric like Obama did to us for * years while his left hand was manipulating the system to screw all of us… he did dip into Social Security by devaluing the dollar against other currencies and gave no SS raises which goods and services got more expensive; and raided Medicare to help pay for the ACA. The talk of any alterations is coming from the Establishment Elites, not Trump…his focus is entitlements and illegal immigrant use of them, and the Dems are smoke screening that by focusing on a few discussion points by the Ryan’s of the world, which will never happen.

Perhaps your attitude toward a larger government has been passed on to you future generations who now are voting for the Progressive socialist policies the Cuban people came to America to escape.