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Henry Niles

Fascism has never been a purely right wing phenomena. The Left has just portrayed it that way for there own purposes for the better part of a century, while they were off to the races with Communism. Obama expanded his Administrative form of government with massive expansion of regulations that did not protect us but served only to expand the powers of the state and hidden corporate taxes that the citizens eventually pay. The one thing the cherry pickers leave out of their definitions of FASCISM is that it favors selected portions of the economy and businesses by picking the winners and losers by merely telling us the citizens what to do and how to do it[sound familiar], usurping our freedoms wholesale, there by raising the costs of goods and services and destroying whole sectors of the economy and making the population more dependent on the government. This has gone on for eight long years. If you look at what is going on now the fear of the left is the dismantling of their massive Administrative control structure. The elites of both parties are nervous, and the left is just more vocal since they have more to loose in terms of the welfare state [via their bought and paid for voters] and intellectual elites who have controlled the educational system for quite some time and suppress legitimate discussion, I know, I work there.

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