The Passport — Concept
Siddhant Gupta

Fine, but who controls the data base, and who has access to it. If hackers can get into military and and security oriented databases, something like this would be much easier just because of the flow of data and the high level of ministers to minute access needed to make it work. This is like identity theft and cybor terrorism made easy. Besides, We can’t even standardize the type of safety glass in an automobile around the world, I can’t imagine the pissing contest over standardized data, etc. Every government official will want to see way too much data on that happy little chip which will be its downfall, and Who is to say it is correct, most of us have a lot of garbage on our credit reports and can’t get it corrected…and today we have no way of knowing what is on our credit/debit/chip; how will we know what some geek put on this chip and if it’s any good, not likely. I have always found governments to believe themselves to be 100 percent accurate with their data, mostly I find their arrogance at near a 100% and their accuracy at 70% at best.