More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked
Jeff Kao

First and foremost APPOINTED government Commissioners, Trustees, Regents, etc. at any level do not give a wit about what individual citizens have to say; they were placed in their positions by politicians for idealogical purposes, or as political favors…most are either from the industry in question or do not have that much expertise in the area they represent. Does anyone seriously think that they read these letters? Any letter I have ever sent to an elected representative that disagreed with their position, got me the nicest letter that basically said ‘I am smarter than you, go screw yourself’, which later proved to be false! Which leads me to the next point.

Has AG Schneiderman ever considered the fact that a phone book was used generate these letters of no consequence. He may call that Identity Theft, but with no intent to defraud anyone of anything tangible, I wish him a lot of luck. This Legal BOZO should be out chasing REAL IDENTITY THIEVES, or looking into VOTER FRAUD in his Democratic State where that usually occurs. Tell me truthfully Mr. AG, what harm came from these letters beyond the fact they offended you politically, and you are now wasting taxpayer dollars to basically harass an Agency and an Administration where even if you make your point by winning, it will not influence the outcome, outcomes were NEVER INFLUENCED UNDER OBAMA, and his Administration rarely answered a FOIA request.

Last but not least, the Internet should NEVER have been placed under a bureaucrat regulatory agency of the government that promotes the status quo of the same group of companies holding power and limiting competition, which is Socialism or Fascism; two sides of the same coin. It’s a way of the government consolidating power either way. Besides, this was Obamas’ PLAN B; PLAN A was to have the US relinquish its management of the Internet to an International Body [It reeked of UN], and that smelled of censorship, taxes and the US becoming the international whipping boy for diminished freedoms, once again. The Internet does not belong under any regulatory agency …those who think it appropriate for the government to handle every successful thing and regulate it are looking for power, money and the ability to make us all equal in mediocrity or worse; while they enjoy the spoils of their elitism and watch us suffer.

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