Quote: “Everything a Tesla product runs on comes from a SECONDARY ENERGY SOURCE…ELECTRICITY… […]…
Allison Sattgast

First and foremost that 7% is a BS number I was being a bit facetious about, that only applies to short distances and good transmission lines of which the industry has none. And you conveniently overlooked the actual production of electricity which rivals the efficiency losses of a Toyota, because everything you cite about an internal combustion engine applies to an electrical generation plant as well, so get off your high horse and understand that driving a Tesla or a Prius is driving a COAL FIRED VEHICLE for all intents and purposes! Nice try with your obfuscation and round about wording, and you forgot the fact that the batteries are grossly toxic and at this point and further if everyone goes electric in vehicles we will need to double the amount of electric generation plants and it will at least triple the cost of electricity since they will all be new and expensive facilities….haul out you wallet and get a second job….you should have been an Obama speech writer.

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