The greatest burden on our economy are those “entitlements” provided to the military industrial…
Barbara Alexander

First, if a business is given money by a customer besides the government, it is in no way an entitlement. If that business is successful, why does the government have this strange notion it has a right to become your partner and tax a major portion of your income away for doing absolutely nothing in return! The only thing that happens is that taxation does is raise the price of the product to the eventual consumer…hence, another hidden tax. You can only tax people in the final analysis! But I digress, If a company earns a profit, it is between them and their owners[shareholder] how to distribute the booty, not the government or you, unless you are an owner…not your money.

When the tax burden goes up the management decides to get something for It’s money and maybe spends a little extra on the local and other politicians to help him with business problems; and from there we are on the slippery slope, mainly because the taxes got too high and the business man decided to get something for his money by lobbying, or the politician decided to extort more booty through campaign contributions and then had to anti up with FAVORS, EITHER WAY, UGLY. But all caused by government sticking its nose in where it did not belong and trying to extract money. This is where Capitalism moves away from competition and goes to Crony Capitalism and has nothing to to with conservatism in the least, because truly conservative politicians do not operate this way. Warren Rudman used to throw people out of his office if you asked him for money!

If it is a regulated business that has lobbied for a special entitlement or privilege….read insurance companies, banks, and many governed by the FDA and some government contractors. It’s when the element of competition is removed that Capitalism become Crony Capitalism and the later has nothing to do with Conservatism in the least…in most societies it is more associated with Socialism or Fascism where the government picks the winners and losers as is happening more and more in the US as we creep to a more socialist style of redistrobution of wealth mentality you espouse…this is why you see business moving out of the US. Conservatives want to feed children by providing jobs for their parents, not giving them welfare extracted from legitimate businesses; remember the the current fascists like GE got dispensation from Obama not to pay taxes and contribute; that is why they are his advisors.

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