PTSD and criminal behavior,substance abuse have strong statistical correlation across racial…
Stephen Corsaro

First, statistical numbers of correlation NEVER prove causation no matter how high the number, they are merely a starting place for us to investigate how to narrow the search for causation. In this case we don’t look in the suburbs, we look in poor black neighborhoods as a likely place to start so we do not waste resources. And any sane police chief would probably devote more resources there as well. Al Sharpton and BLM may quibble, but the residents are most likely thankful.

When you are looking at statistics you also might include the growth of government entitlement programs, length of time they have been around, how long folks have been on them, and see how that has affected violent behavior among those receiving the benefits….would anyone like to take a bet that the longer one is in these programs, the greater the level of despair and the greater the level of violence over time based on the frustration level these folks feel. Why does everyone ALWAYS FORGET THE GOVERNMENT FACTOR when doing these studies….oh yeah, they fund most of them, how could they possibly be the culprit. By the way the poor are no better off then they were regardless of race after LBJ started “THE WAR ON POVERTY”. And billions have been spent for nothing, unless you are the Democratic Party and have now captured almost all the Black vote vs 55% of it.

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