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First, Trump has yet to do anything! So if we took a look at Obama’s last 7 1/2 years and Hillary’s actions in her political history, they would actually more closely resemble your descriptions then anything Trump has ever done, especially the attacks on the Constutution which Hillary has been doing since she was on the Watergate Commission and tried to revoke Nixon’s right to counsel.

Then let us look Thurgood Marshall who in his day may have been a good lawyer, but as a Supreme Court Justice was quoted as saying the law was whatever the SCOTUS says it is; sounds more like an activist justice who liked to make the law as he went along to suit his purposes, which is how progressives seem to view the law and Constitution, and how they justify beating up and silencing everyone who disagrees with them.

Your comments on the Democrats upholding the Democratic principles in the Declaration of Independence are insulting in that the Democratic party seems to be to be against sovereignty and the idea of borders in general, by letting virtually anyone into the US and letting them vote…of course they are poor, relatively unproductive, and the Dems insure they get entitlements to secure their votes so the government welfare plantation can thrive. Dems give not a wit for Democratic principles as they would like to cede authority to such bodies as the UN and insure our place among socialistic stupidity that has proven to be detrimental to the middle class everywhere it is implemented.