Don’t Be Fooled: Speaker Paul Ryan’s proposed “replacement” plan for the Affordable Care Act with…
Julian Pierce Lang

First, who did this study you speak of on employment

Second, who will loose their Jobs, if is the those in the state run bureaucracies and insurance companies that provide overpriced, under performing, subsidized insurance that the taxpayers ultimately pay for through higher insurance costs and higher taxes, I am all for their unemployment; they are bleeding me dry. In addition the ACA removed money from Medicare which was paid for by us who will sooner or later receive reduced benefits thanks to this deception. You can’t possibly be serious since the ACA itself has already cost millions to loose full time positions and at best become part timers, while many jobs have flat out been down graded to make them part time.

You have also forgotten that once you are on an individual plan you are de facto in an individual risk pool and pay more than any group plan, like it or not; welcome to COBRA and the higher costs of not being in a group, complements of government regulations, been there done that, it’s not pretty, and that’s the CURRENT SYSTEM…so what is new….only income testing, why doesn’t the government just allow all of us to deduct the cost of medical insurance from our income pretax like the portion corporations pay for their employees? Kind of like THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES!

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