Report from Baby Jail on our Border

First, who pays your salary and if publicly funded, how much is it?

Second, Why should any tax dollars be used to encourage these individuals to come to our country and take tax dollars away from children in the US who are just as poor in many cases and live in circumstances worse than what you encounter in these detention centers. It is not the government’s money to give in the first place, it is the citizen’s, and we if we so choose can adopt these children and have done so in droves. When the government gets in the business of encouraging this behavior on a mass scale it is taxation without representation and wrong, as a lawyer you seem to have forgotten a lot of law. They are picking as winners foreign children and refugees over US taxpayers, the basic definition of Fascism. Frankly welfare is not a good scheme, this is worst since it encourages people to come to our country illegally. As the old question goes, WHO BENEFITS, certainly not the taxpayers.