I am amused by the handful of out-of-state responders to this piece who are obsessed with bias, and…
Dave Troy

First you know nothing about me…my work is about objectivity and every media outlet has a leaning, like it or not. If your customers want Pravda West, give to them; if they want Brietbart, give it to them…But before you do, give them the unvarnished facts, which most papers do not, which is one reason why many of us go away, we do not know who to believe, so we stop coughing up our dough.

The city of Baltimore obviously does not know what it needs, it has been in decline for over 50 years, which includes the profitability of it’s press. Perhaps the press should have led the way in critical reporting and bringing solutions to the forefront instead of capitulating to the local elites and politicians. Any fool knows you should be skeptical of a city official in that town.

Now what you are suggesting is a smaller organization directed at the subscribers who can afford the high priced spread, leaving behind the majority of the folks who inhabit the city…its called an echo chamber. Lots of luck with that, profitably lies with the masses and your whole approach is blowing right by them. I have watched Gannett do this in small and medium sized towns in the Mid West when the purchase the local Newspapers and play to the local advertising elites with their “journalism”…circulation typically drops 25% plus because we do not want to read the local propaganda.

To suggest to me you know what the “journalistic market” needs are without ever mentioning the customer is ludicrous. You are very similar to the academics who preach that the students are the PRODUCT and therefore need not be listened to in the evaluative process of courses. That is until the students decide not to put their collective asses in the seats and the revenue dries up. Most of the people in Baltimore have bigger problems than what the Sun is writing about today.

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