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Daniel Hemel

FREE SPEECH, WHAT A QUAINT IDEA IN AMERICA. Safe places only let the real bigots run rampant and get what they want by suppressing the challengers. You have the Ruth Bader Ginsbergs who agree with the Margaret Sanger’s of the world that the “undesirables” population should be held in check and subtly Sanger via her Planned Parenthood organization has placed most of their abortion clinics in Black neighborhoods. And then people like Ginsberg sit on the SCOTUS and act like the voice of reason and civil justice saving minorities against injustice, meanwhile believing they should be held in check….look up her quotes over the years and she is exposed as a true bigot and racist, and gets away with it by sitting in an ivory tower. It’s about time a university let the students be exposed to the realities of life as it exists and cut the crap of arm chair progressives, who would otherwise make these students into basement dwellers in their parents homes in a “Failure to Launch” scenerio.

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