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Global Warming exists, but at what rate, but the real question is what is the cause….governments want it to be industry and consumer based to tax it; the UN wants it blamed on industrialized nations so they can make the West contribute to the industrialization of the Third World, neither makes a lot of sense, since politicians will NEVER spend the money in the correct places. Neither will end it, if it does happens to be man made to any great extent, and not primarily a natural cycle.

Let’s look at Catalytic Converters on cars; why are we one of the only nations using them; they are horrifically expensive and lower milage by close to 7%, me thinks thinks the government and industry colluded and blew that one, since cars in Europe get better milage and do not use them nor do they use alcohols in their fuels which also reduces milage; enter the corn lobby which also raises food costs. All in all, an unholy alliance, of industry, farmers, and stupid politicians screwing the consumer on gas and food prices by artificially inflating the market through regulations. The only place corn alcohol belongs is in good old sour mash, that I will pay tax on, grudgingly.

The only logical question is WHO PROFITS OR GAINS? It sure hasn’t been the consumer. Welcome to Realism 101.

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