Live by the EpiPen, die by the EpiPen
Zach Shallbetter

Government interference is what got us here in the first place, you seem to not understand how inextricably linked the government and the lobbyists that spread money to government agencies and Congress work to grease the wheels of government. The SOB’s that run our government demand homage in everything from campaign contributions to use of corporate jests for government trips to….you name it, for the favor of influencing their vote on just about everything, facts be damned. Corporations and the Soros’, Hunt’s, Buffet’s, Archer Daniel Midland’s etc figured out a long time ago. It’s why we have alcohol in our gas[dumb, it just makes corn products more expensive and farmers richer and lowers milage by 8%], catalytic converters on cars[the only place in the world[they cut fuel efficiency by about 7%], and so many safety devices on a lawnmower that every one in America has at lest one or two bungee cords on theirs! It’s bureaucratic greed and power that drives the corporations to pander to the FASCISTS who run our system and get to pick winners and losers. That is our system of government and the incentive system we give to our business leaders…many don’t have a big enough profit margin to care about such niceties so they lobby the government.

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