No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

Great writings; if the intention of this piece is to save lives you should have directed your efforts at repealing the CAFE standards that are directed at increasing miles per gallons on on cars, but in reality increase dead and maimed human beings, since the government has driven auto manufacturers to use more plastics & aluminum in autos which make them less safe in order to save a few gallons of gas. Between 5000 and 6000 deaths are attributed to the higher mileage standards and God only knows how many debilitating injuries.

Instead political types like yourself concentrate on using nice words to get Congress to strip citizens of their legal rights to own firearms. What your colleagues in Congress just tried to do would have done nothing to prevent any of the situations you alluded to since all were the result of criminal acts by criminally obtained firearms or negligence by federal law enforcement officials under existing laws.

I also might point out to you that the FBI [under Holder] found that civilian use of firearms prevents at a minimum of one million violent crimes and believes that the number is actually closer to 2 million violent crimes per year. It should be noted that the man who stopped the violence at your event and most likely saved numerous lives, including yours, is part of those statistics. Hopefully, he would not be one of those prevented from buying a gun by your friends in Congress.

And as an aside, your friends in congress may want to be educated by your husband, in that, civilian AR-15's are NOT fully automatic or fire ‘bursts’ like an M1A1, which means they are not military grade weapons.

Your Rhetoric is pleasing, what you really want is UN American.

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