Black Women vs. White Men In Public Spaces: Crosswalk Experiment and Relevance
Kayla Renee Parker

Having in the last year moved from the Midwest to the South Carolina area, I have found a total difference in civility when it comes to opening doors, yielding personal space in public places, and ‘please & thank you’ seem to be the norm…none of which seems to have anything to do with race. In the North, especially in urban environments, folks seem to either expect you get out of their way, perhaps open a door, and 90% of the time barely utter a response for your efforts, like it is their birthright; and I hate to say this but a significant enough portion of Blacks are the worst offenders and in some cases seem to want to use it as an intimidation factor, especially among the younger crowd.

Perhaps if you did not think you were “entitled” to the ‘right of way’ at all times, and were a bit more objective in how you went about studying the perceived problem[as in including Black men] you might have more credibility. And perhaps it is also about geographic location.

Again this is about civility more than race, and how civility has deteriorated in our society. Is race ever a factor, probably, but I believe you just missed the bigger picture with a biased hypothesis and an experiment designed to make your supposition come true.

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