From the ‘crisis of perception’ to the ‘systems view of life’
Daniel Christian Wahl

Here is a real crisis of Perception:

Folks like your group come along and get championed by a group of politicians moving us toward a NWO partially based on turning your Perceptions into Systems of our existence. Once they have put you out there to alter our perceptions and help gain our confidence: taxes and agencies will be put in place to move toward these goals and you will have served your purpose….the politicians will then have another avenue to gain control over the people through what looks like legitimate means, while growing the more globalistic government and their own power base within it. You will be made to feel a part of it, but in reality you will be made to show government friendly results every year to keep your grants; meanwhile they will be diverting funds to pet projects and cronies to solidify their base, which has nothing todo with this noble task…just like a good deal of the gas taxes never see bridges or roads.

Your thoughts are noble, until they meet political reality.

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