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HERE IS THE PROBLEM, IF THE GOVERNMENT GETS INVOLVED, EVERYTHING GETS MORE EXPENSIVE. The scenarios described in this articles where towns and counties helped themselves and set up their own services will be put out of business by Federal regulations demanding overwhelming overhead and regulatory reporting and other Bullshit just as Sarbanes Oxley has done to the smaller banks and the EPA has done to smaller water and sewer companies, I sat on one of these commissions and the costs to comply forced us shut down a perfectly good facility which provided superior service& water including softened water which saved your pipes and forced us to purchase water from another larger water company[read public utility] at a much higher price, and eventually turn over our water and sewer system to them and screw our local citizens, since we were blackmailed into it by the government overhead of the regulations….just wait! One way or the other the big boys end up with all the toys and you pay a higher price of degraded service. Ask the consumers at the VA, or the people below the dam in Cali, where the politicians and regulators didn’t do the maintenance!

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