In a real 4 year university, you have a choice.
Benji Lampel

Here is the problem, the next great debt crisis that has been talked about for the last year or so has been student loans; how do you think that happened. Over zealous financial aid officers talking students into taking more courses then they should. In addition most Universities and Colleges have BIG Seminar programs that make BIG bucks. Some share with the seminar givers, some do not. One University I made $600 to $800 per day, another wanted to give me my normal class time of $45/h and no travel, who do you think got the best instructors and best seminars? By the way they were making at least twice what I was making at my high rate and doing less work…you would recognize their names and I refused the second offer, cheap bastards. All these guys are bad, so it’s a matter of degree, and to blame Trump personally or any University President is ludicrous for what the minions do. For instance, I would not work for or hire a Univ of Phoenix person. On line education defeats the purpose of us an interaction and gaining people skills which are sorely lacking in today’s society. Just look at how these tech moguls act in socially irresponsible ways with your data, legal maybe, ethical not so much.