Actually I watched the beav and Wally everyday after school for years, I know precisely who Eddie…

Here is where you go wrong. I could care less about what you as an individual do with your life as long as you are not interfering with some one else. Most Progressives like yourself think that your rights trump others rights which is where you screw up. Obama’s color is not an issue,his lack of management skills and his ideas of conferring rights to noncitizens and opening our borders to low skilled people when we have 90 million unemployed Americans in pure stupidity

Everything you mentioned is a talking point of the left and has little basis in fact. You spew hate and conflate a comment about a TV show into a diatribe and a destructive personal hate attack based on nothing. I should introduce you to my gay collage roommate who ended up being a fraternity brother and let him explain to you the difference between discussion and hate speech.

It is a matter of sensitivity towards others, and their views; I happen to agree with you on McConnell, but I would extend it to Shumer, Pelosi, McCain, Lewis, and about 20 to 30 others who have been around way too long and engage in hypocritical behavior only meant to further themselves and nothing else. Term limits should be imposed on all elected and appointed officials. In addition they should be subjected to a Net asset IRS Audit every 4 years[many would be in jail for enriching themselves].

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