I think that was you, useful and obnoxious at the same time, stooping to to snide attacks for lack…
Laurel Brett

HRC is not a visionary unless you count her bank account, but rather an acolyte of Alinsky who she has studied and revered since college. When people do not do their homework in my college classes they get burned, I do not suffer fools lightly; you have not done your homework on HRC. She is very smart, but does not have a managerial bone in her body; there is not one organization she has left better off for having been a part of it, try and name one like the Rose law firm where she got to be a partner/rainmaker because hubby was the AG and governor…along came Whitewater and the Rose law Firm ends up in bankruptcy, Hillary ends up with the money, the pertinent files show up in the White House 3 days after the statute of limitations runs out; the story of her life.

Obama plays the race card, HRC pays the woman card, but what counts is their failures and lack of ability to lead. Both follow Alinsky who I merely quoted, both used ridicule on a continuing basis. You as an academic are being used and abused. Perhaps I should have used a gentler form of the expression:

“A similar term, useful innocents, appears in Austrian-American economist Ludwig von Mises’ “Planned Chaos” (1947). Von Mises claims the term was used by communists for liberals that von Mises describes as “confused and misguided sympathizers”.[22] The term useful innocents also appears in a Readers Digest article (1946) titled “Yugoslavia’s Tragic Lesson to the World”, authored by Bogdan Raditsa (Bogdan Radica), a “high ranking official of the Yugoslav Government”. Raditsa says: “In the Serbo-Croat language the communists have a phrase for true democrats who consent to collaborate with them for ‘democracy.’ It is Korisne Budale, or Useful Innocents.”[23] Although Raditsa translates the phrase as “Useful Innocents”, the word budala (plural: budale) actually translates as “fool” and synonyms thereof.

Sadly a lot of us are close to HRC’s age and have been watching her antics for over 40 years and are not amused, since she has amassed a fortune using the public domain in her Pay to Play schemes, while almost never holding a legitimate job to account for her assets. You need to do your homework and present a better case; it would never have flown at the places I went to school. You tacitly let HRC off the hook for defending her Bill’s behavior, Donna Brazil & Debbie W-S for illicit behavior, The NOW crowd for supporting Bill while he was using his power status to diddle a White House intern….to me the whole crowd looks like a cluster of behavior that would make Animal House look ethical.

In this case the “Emperor” has been exposed and it’s not a pretty sight. She needs to have the dignity to disappear from sight and turn over the assets of her foundation to the IRS.

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