Really, last I checked I don’t belong to a “family unit” and I’ve turned out well.
Estefania O.

I am not asking for an explanation of any ones situation, I am just pointing out that You may have turned out OK, but the vast majority are not as ok as you might think, they are looking for a positive male role model and are coming up short as everyone from feminists to the government feminizes men.

My main gripe with Caroline O. Is that she has this notion that the government…meaning the taxpayer should finance the results of bad or misguided behavior…..the big mistake that most Liberals and Progressives make is that when there is money involved in the \remediation of their bad behavior, they do not want to be held accountable by those providing the money … ain’t gonna happen!! If I provide money for anything, I get to ask the tough questions about how you are going to spend it! Most likely before you spend it…that is what investors do, it is called due diligence!

Frankly I have not a care in the world how you conduct your life, as long as you do not expect me to finance your good or bad behavior with no strings attached…I would like to make you a more productive and responsible, self sufficient person, so you are are not dependent on others for anything…I am willing to help anyone if they ask…I have worked with inmates for over 15 years, they know I will not do the work for them, but will do anything to assist!

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