You are completely drifting from the topic of my response.
Andrea Pino

I am not blaming anything on them except being used as pawns in a political game of chicken. And if you truly believe there are only 11 million illegals here you are sadly mistaken, there are several reputable groups who are at 25 million and counting, my guess is 10% of the population. My biggest problem is that our politicians are using them them to buy votes for their political party, others are using them for virtually slave labor, and our “system” of is not geared for the levels of unskilled labor, when we already have more than enough of that already. This is nothing new, it has been going on for over 0 years, but the Democratic Party is using it to create a voting block by handing out entitlements which we cannot afford, be they illegals or refugees. A lot of communities are flooded to the point that their local services are totally depleted and services are being degraded to ALL citizens. And why should noncitizens be given places that citizens paid for at universities and employment opportunities. In other countries this is totally illegal and never happens.

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