Yes, student loans are an issue, but trying to conflate all universities with Trump’s is comparing…
Benji Lampel

I am not conflating, most degree holders will not be able to pay back their student loans in a reasonably efficient fashion, regardless of where you go to school. My daughter has a Doctors in Clinical Psyc and her loans are ok but due to the economy, most of her classmates [4 years out] are having a heck of a time due to the economy. She has a second job where in a few years she will take over a practice so she is fine, but the others are hurting, and this is a decent field. I am an Adjunct Prof at two schools which will remain nameless and the stories the students tell me of being pressured by financial aid are not pretty[one is a renowned public University, the other a good community college]. Lucky they run into me who heads off the nonsense and gets them to not sign the loan papers. I know people in their late thirties and early forties with student loans from their undergraduate years! That shows you the degrees are not getting them a lot of bang for the buck. It’s merely a matter of degree, there are a lot of bad actors out there and the government would have you believe they are all ‘for profit’ institutions which is BS, some of the state run ones are equally bad. The FBI recently investigated one of the places I worked for At one time, more for other issues, but close to half the administration is gone, federal funds and all that.

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