I don’t understand your obsession with Trump unless you are a paid Trump shill.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

I am not obsessed with Trump in the least, I am however looking at the alternative; a criminal enterprise personified, who has proven she will sell our heritage and natural resources for a piece of the action and sell her fellow citizens down the river[mainly the middle class] for a farthing, and not think twice about putting anyone in harms way to get her way. She is devoid of economic realities, except her own….her husband was the source of the the 2008 housing bubble if you know anything about Finance and his administration’s policies, the FDIC, and banking regs enacted during his tenure. Even Keynes commented to Henry Morganthau he thought FDR spent too much, I wonder where that would put these goony birds in today’s government[FDR’s Tres Sec’s memoirs].

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